A downloadable game for Windows

Just realized the game was never set to public and it was left on draft!

Instructions to play


  • Move - WASD
  • Attack - IJKL or Arrow Keys
  • Dash - Space
  • Reset game - R (Incase of gamebreaking bugs
  • Pause - ESC
  • Enter for UI - Enter

Xbox Controller

  • Move - Left Joystick
  • Attack - ABXY
  • Dash - Left/Right Trigger
  • Pause - Start
  • Reset game - Select (Incase of bugs)

There is only 1 portal that leads to the only current boss fight that was able to be implemented. There is no ending either so once you beat him, it takes you to a new spot and that is all for now. I'll be adding the other 3 bosses later on.


Nirvastrom.7z 21 MB


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Very interesting game, looking forward to future improvements and expansions. Keep up the good work!