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A modern fast-paced action platformer · By Knight Shift Games


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Elsie Relaunch (Preview)!
Hey everyone! Sorry for the very late update but we have been grinding on redesigning all of Elsie's art, animation and code base. Everything should feel a lot...
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Augment Overhaul
Reworked almost all augments and added a huge set of new augments. Nothing is balanced yet but just wanted to push all the new changes already. Each character s...
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More Chaos Update
Enemies Added more enemies and reworked all the old ones so they have a smaller, more concise moveset. Enemies still need to have their stats balanced out. 7 m...
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Massive Update
Added our first real boss fight and the game loop is finally implemented and polished. You can know play from the first level to the first boss. More levels, en...
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Balance Update
Massive Balance Update All difficulties have been tweaked to hopefully reflect their names! Too much to write down here...
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Gameplay Flow
Polished the UI for menus a bit more so it's more clear what everything does and what everything means. Changed how the game mode works, instead of the same wav...
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If you just clicked on this page download the demo and give it a try. With the bright colors and face-paced action this...
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